Talked about for a few years and finally formed in the summer of 2014 by Mae Cromwell and Rhonda Bruce, Grace is a Toronto based funksoulicious band of women bringing you r&b, funk, soul, disco, rock and a whole lotta love! Bombastic brass, groovin' rhythms and killer vocals, Grace is packing venues (if not selling them OUT!) each time they perform. 

Members include: Mae Cromwell - Lead Vocals,  Rhonda Bruce - Bass/Vocals, Cathy Marchese - Drums,  Janet Whiteway - Keys/Vocals,  Aimee O'Connor - Guitar, Naomi Higgins - Sax,  Ashly Kurkjian - Sax

Guest members:  AshE - vocals,  Megan Jutting - Trumpet,  Rebecca Hennessy - Trumpet, Marie Goudy - Trumpet, Tara Kannangara- Trumpet, Nicole Rampersaud- Trumpet, Ania Zarzycki - Trumpet, Morgan Doctor - Drums.

Past members: Carrie Chesnutt - Sax, Flute/Vocals, Janelle Heath - Vocals/Percussion, Elena Kapeleris - Sax/Vocals, Selena Evangeline - Guitar/Vocals, Gina Pennesi - Vocals